Become a licensed Testosteronologist

Work side by side with Dr. Thomas O’Connor to become a certified and licensed Testosteronologist. Personal teaching in addition to working with patients in a clinical setting is part of this training, and length of time depends on your qualifications. Some training may be available via teleconferencing. After you are certified and licensed, you will become part of our network of Testosteronologists and have patients directed to you. Dr. O’Connor and his team will mentor you as you begin your practice as a Testosteronologist as well as provide you and your staff professional and administrative support. Practice as a sub-specialist or full time Testosteronologist.

Desired experience

  • American Board of Internal Medicine certified physician, emergency medicine, or family medicine

  • At least 3 years of post-residency work experience in a primary care setting. May consider hospitalist experience on a case-by-case basis.

  • Physically fit and a desire to understand how androgens affect men’s health

  • Compassionate human skills with a love for healing men. I can teach you all I know about the technical side of how to care for men on androgens. I cannot teach you how to be a loving, caring healer for men - this has to be innate.


Send an email including your CV and a cover letter detailing your interest in becoming a Testosteronologist to

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