Dr. O’Connor is now offering telemedicine videoconferencing services via a HIPAA compliant platform. This is offered on a case-by-case basis. 


Testosteronology provides worldwide access to expert medical services for men on testosterone and androgens. We also offer advanced cardiovascular, metabolic, and prostate healthcare with state of the art technology. Services range from in-person medical care to consultations via phone, Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime - anywhere in the world!

“I’ve become the doctor for men worldwide, so they may live the best quality of life, as long as possible.”

Stay strong and healthy,

Dr. O

Thomas O'Connor, MD


Author of “America on Steroids – A Time to Heal”, 2017

Dr. Thomas O'Connor exceeded all of my expectations. He provided the most thorough in depth analysis and care I have ever received. No comparison!

 Mikhail, via Google >

I've been on Testosterone therapy for 2 years and have gone through 3 Doctors all of which failed me either by over supplementation of vitamin D to the point i developed hypercalcemia or over phlebotimizing causing me to become anemic. I was just about to give up and deal with my very low Testosterone when I came across a youtube video of Dr. O'Connor. I felt a sense of passion in his video not seen by many Doctors and decided to give him a try. "IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I'VE EVER MADE." Dr. O'Connor is the coolest, kindest and most caring Doctor I have ever met and his staff Wendy and Kim are amazing. You immediately feel like you are part of a family. The only regret I have is that I didn't find Dr. O'Connor sooner. Thank you Doc for getting me back on track and staying healthy.

 Rick, via Google >

I looked around for a good TRT doctor in my country for a while but instead found Dr. O’Connor on the other side of the world. Dr. O'Connor was wonderful possessing a wealth of knowledge not just in testosterone replacement but also cardiology, overall organ health and sports nutrition. Not only did he provide me with an in-depth TRT protocol but he also went well beyond that into my heart, liver, kidney and mental health management. You will not find a doctor that possesses more knowledge in testosterone and other hormones. My goal was not to just find any doctor who was going to write me out scripts but somebody that was going to look after me and my health throughout my replacement therapy. Dr. O'Connor also stays on the side of caution when treating patients and explained to me in-depth how to keep the heart and organs in good health whilst on TRT. Reading his book “America on Steroids” is also very highly recommended, as there is a great wealth of information there. All and all Dr. O’Connor for me personally was money well worth spent.

 Jack, via Google >

Practices what he preaches. Humble. He truly cares about his patients. He listens and lets you talk. He gets a detailed history and assessment of you head to toe. Comes up with the treatment plan that’s best for you. He is on a mission to live to 110 and he wants that for his patients too. Thank you Dr. O’Connor! Your front desk staff is amazing too.

 Derek, via Facebook >




Start off with a blood test and general in-depth consultation. You will receive an hour with the doctor to talk about everything going on with your body and how you would fit with the services.

How it works >


Yes. Your HSA/FSA will cover membership service payments. 


Yes. Should you decide to join the practice, the consultation fee will be applied towards your membership fee for the first year. 


Testosteronology is a private practice. The cost of consults and membership fees are not covered by insurance. However, we are in network with most insurance companies and will work with them to cover medications, labs, office visits, and covered procedures.

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